Friday, 18 February 2011

Cigarette Box Humour

The idea of working onto cigarette boxes began by the notion of using what was and still is around me. As a smoker myself, I have begun after two years to take no notice of the warning labels on cigarette boxes, designed to persuade people to stop smoking. I personally do not see them being affective in the modern world; we all know smoking kills. Therefore I decided to add a comical edge to the labels and boxes inspired by the stereotypes of smoking being a "cool" thing to do. The materials used vary from acrylic paint to printed sticker paper.

"Smoking is a Murderer" Manchester Pump Cage skatepark

Gloss Box - yet to be used

"Dominoes" - All Saints Park, Manchester. (designed to be played with and used)

Two edited warning labels (middle and left) working with the stereotype of "cool".